Description –

Our AC LIMS is well equipped with the advanced feature and committed to support keeping in mind the stipulated time frame.

The test laboratory complying with the requirements .The technical area of Advanced AC Testing LIMS covers the Sample Registration, Work Order creation, Test assign, Auto schedule, Result upload, multiple approvals, Document library, performance report and more.

In addition to the AC LIMS, we have advance customer portal, mobile app supporting Android and iOS device and integration capability with instruments help us to provide a complete solution of the laboratory.

The Industry –

Air Condition testing and research laboratories faces wide array of challenges on day to day operations. The difficulty to increase compliance and effectiveness within this market is at an all time high.

The continuing evolution of quality requirements presents significant challenges for today's air condition laboratories. Where traceability was once the only basic requirement an air condition laboratory must adhere, there are now numerous accrediting bodies, quality programs, regulatory agencies and auditors to which the lab must satisfy.

As technological breakthroughs become the norm rather than the exception, the very science of measurement becomes more demanding. Simple sets of measurements are no longer adequate; Statistical Process Control, easy report access, easy test request, less human interferences and parametric data analysis are now requirements for many Air condition customers.

The Challenges –

  • How does the air condition testing lab cope with juggling so many expectations and remain both viable and profitable? How can the lab's processes address such varied disciplines, answering the needs of its clients, management, and administration, air condition testing technicians, quality and engineering?
  • What method can be used to effectively collect and store the air condition testing data for historical parametric data analysis? How can the air condition testing lab analyze manage data of psychometric lab, noise lab, rain test chamber, vibration lab etc in a practical and profitable manner?
  • How to automate and above all traditional paper, manual and semi-automated tasks associated with the performance of routine testing, complex instruments resulting error? How to maximize the performance of lab? How smartly use and lab so the recourse doesn’t sit idle?
  • Add to this the corporate demands for more productivity and higher profits, and any air condition testing facility, no matter how competent, must now prepare to address the myriad of challenges for higher quality and increased productivity. This is the how one air condition testing laboratory identified and solved these challenging issues.