Enterprise Application Interface - A Overview

Bit Wave’s EAI solutions provide an integrated approach to connecting the different components of IT infrastructure- people, applications, platforms and databases to enable secure, intra and inter enterprise collaboration. EAI solutions enable an organization to integrate business processes internally and externally with business partners to create dynamic environments that support current and evolving business requirements, thereby creating a global organization.

Data Analytics

EAI assists in unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected applications or data sources in the enterprise without making major changes to the applications or data structures. EAI integrates multiple, independently developed applications using incompatible technologies into a single enterprise wide system with information flowing seamlessly

Features of EAI

  • Application integration with any ERP & CRM solutions
  • Supports popular solutions integration- Sage 200, Sage 50, Sage CRM, Sage 300
  • Push and Pull data from ERP
  • Create intermediate database for storing data
  • Automatic syncing of temporary database with ERP database
  • Run web services at regular intervals to fetch data
  • 2 – way SFTP/ FTP between folders
  • Integration capabilities can be extended to Mobile applications
  • Integration with 3rd party Document Management System
  • Pull data from popular formats- Xls, CSV
  • Post records to various ERPS- Sage

How we work?

We specialize in integrating legacy and c.ting edge cloud solutions through API development. Enterprise solutions built this way allows an organization and its executives to have a total view of business processes rather than having to spend countless hours interpolating reports. We also develop data-rich dashboards that enable quick drill-downs into your most specific data point making both micro and macro level analysis a breeze.

Carmatec Edge

  • Swift Integration of existing business
  • processes to the new system
  • Constant support and maintenance for the solutions developed
  • Experienced and diverse workforce
  • In-house DevOps Culture to speed up turnaround times

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate business integration
  • Real-time & Efficient information access
  • Streamline Processes
  • Enhance ROI
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Multi-platform interoperability for data & information