PAS Business intelligence software (BI) is comprised of a range of data analytics tools designed to analyze and manage data related to your projects. By presenting your data in an easy to understand format, PAS BI helps you to have a better understanding of your projects strengths and weaknesses while providing actionable insights into KPIs and other important metrics. This makes it a critical tool to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

Project Financials
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Timesheet Management
Essential Too for Accountants, Business Managers, and Project Managers

This tool provides project managemer and other stake holders everything they need to know to understand project accounting. PAS BI explain timesheet, expenses, revenue, profit. It visualize and guida that will help you to manage project accounting. Real-time visibility and control on every aspect of project financials from bid-to-bill

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PAS Business intelligence (BI), in a broader sense, is a set of concepts, methods, applications, and technologies, which are utilized to transform raw data into meaningful information. This information can be utilized by stakeholders to make decisions. Organizations utilize BI practices, tools, and techniques to understand their state of affairs, competitors, and market conditions. This enables organizations to address existing business problems and develop organizational plans that provide a competitive advantage. It is important for organizations to apply BI practices and implement BI tools to the project accounting, so that they can understand the status of the projects, accounts, trends, history, and information about underlying components.
Predictive analysis capabilities available in BI tools can also be applied to utilize past information in order to derive models and analysis that help the project and its underlying components and future outcomes. Application of BI provides visibility and assists in decisions that help in proactively managing projects.