iOCM (Oil Condition Monitoring) Reporting and Analytics

What is OCM?

Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) testing programs help client's measure engine oils, lubricating oils; an OCM service gives you an ongoing programme of sampling, analysis and reporting. It provides the information you need to pinpoint and solve equipment problems as well as implement a more effective maintenance system. OCM services protect client's high value engines and systems and reduce expensive downtime

How OCM Labs works?

Oil analysis testing labs analyze a wide range of oil based products. Supporting client oil condition and predictive maintenance programs, oil tests are performed to ASTM, ISO, IEC, IP, in-house, client, and other industry standards. OCM labs offer detailed oil and lube testing results, presented in easy-to-read and understandable reports.

iOCM Reporting and Analytics

LabSols offers iOCM Solution for Oil & Petroleum industries. Operating on a global basis, LabSols 's "iOCM Reporting and Analytics" present in an easy-to-read and understandable report of oil and lube test results. It provide a series of excellent reports and graphical analytics of the oil samples which accurately tested from the OCM laboratories using spectrometry, viscosity, dilution, water detection, acid number, base number, particle counting, and microscopy.