Lab, Customer & Management Through smart phones and tablets! From anywhere, anytime!

As technological differentiation becomes a key point in lab industry, mobile solutions is easily focusing on the value that application software can bring.

LIMS Mobile application is designed for organization to expand the benefit of Lab/calibration workers in the field and lab customers with their assigned task to lab. Lab Manager, Lab customers, Calibration coordinators, Lab Inspector and even the Key decision makers will be able to connect with the Lab on the go with the mobile version of LIMS.

Labsols Mobile Solution enables you to continue your work, regardless of the device you’re using or where you are. Access your lab on the move, record information at the collection site, stay connected and take actions, such as approvals, to keep the lab operating while you are away.

Deliver the Operational Experience That Suits Your Customer and Your Lab

Advanced Features

  • Locate Ports on Google maps
  • Configure different profile settings
  • Configure social networking links

Advanced Dashboard

  • Single point access to all major reports
  • Fully configurable dashboard property settings
  • Display Social Networking Links

Alerts & Notifications

  • Update customers instantly about any issues
  • Update customers instantly about tested elements
  • Check for sample status at various stages
  • Configure alerts and notifications interva

Through EMM you can control users of mobile app at application, role and modules levels. All the Mobile Apps are hosted in market place and EMM is hosted within company network to control various security activities.