Infor M3 ERP Enterprise industry-specific solutions

  • Distribution Solution: gives you the visibility and control you need to manage high volumes, thin margins and wide product assortments. It can reduce costs, become more efficient and better serve your customers.
  • Equipment Service Management & Rental: enterprise-wide solutions to link your sales, service, warranty, finance and rental departments with a single, scalable business system. You'll be able to manage your remote branches and field personnel with greater ease and efficiency.
  • Infor for Fashion: a comprehensive enterprise software system, specially designed for those in the fashion industry to give you the tools you need to improve profits and combat chargebacks.
  • Infor for Food & Beverage: designed to increase your margins, manage risk and provide better customer service. It covers food industry issues such as shelf life, catch weight, variable attributes and more — and with full supply chain traceability, Infor M3 software enables you to build confidence and trust in your brand.
  • Infor Manufacturing Solution: from initial forecasting, material and capacity planning through to production planning and warehouse management, the Infor Manufacturing Solution can help you run more efficiently and profitably.


Recognized as a trusted leader and a partner of choice by global organizations to lead Infor consultancy and services with consulting teams in India, USA & United Kingdom.


Offering an extensive range of solutions and services encompassing design, development, implementation, integration, global roll-outs and more across Infor M3 CloudSuite.


Our Infor experts bring 15+ years of industry experience and M3 application expertise make us one of the most flexible and successful partners in the Infor ecosystem.

What you will gain

  • Streamline operations and increase visibility.
  • Manage complex, configured, and attribute-controlled products.
  • Significantly enhance the management of operational assets.
  • Optimize customer service levels and maximum profitability.
  • Increase visibility and control over the information, material, and financial flows.
  • Provide a client with a 360-degree view of their customer relationships, both past and present.
  • Speed software implementation with preconfigured solutions.
  • Lower cost of ownership than competing systems.

What does Infor M3 ERP Enterprise

Infor M3 ERP Enterprise system manages and improves all the core and supporting processes in your make-move-or-maintain business:

  • Customer Sales and Service
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Manufacturing Operations

Developed over the course of 30+ years, Infor M3 ERP Enterprise features integrated industry-specific functionality and a commitment to open standards, for greater flexibility and lower cost of ownership than competing systems.

With the full set of Infor M3 applications, you can monitor transactions throughout your organization, including manufacturing operations, supply chain activities, customer and supplier relationships, warehouse and distribution processes and, of course, financial management.

  • Support for market development, sales and after-sales service processes. Working with single- and multi- channel sales environments, Infor M3 Customer Sales and Service allows you to manage everything from simple discrete products to complex configured products and kits, make-to-order or make-to-stock, telesales and EDI. In addition, you can manage your sales channels using the same availability, pricing and fulfillment controls whether they are office or field based.

  • Synchronize maintenance with production plans to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and utilization. Infor M3 EAM is a best-of-breed maintenance solution that provides asset data management, preventive maintenance, work order control, diagnostics management, and statistical analysis. An advanced service and preventive management system, along with easy-to-use work requests integrated into skills management and graphical scheduling, provides the basis for flexible, online work management features.

  • Control and optimize information, material and financial flows throughout the organization. Infor M3 Supply Chain Management offers a powerful method for supporting the planning, scheduling, and fulfillment of an extended supply chain, resulting in optimum customer service levels and maximum efficiency and profitability. The Infor M3 SCM software includes functionality for: demand planning; supply chain planning; plant scheduling; global available-to-promise; capable-to-promise; and procurement/e-Procurement.

  • Manage traceability, change control, configured products, product attributes, laboratory inspection, co-products and byproducts in discrete, process and mixed mode manufacturing environments.Infor's M3 Manufacturing Operations enables organizations to centrally manage product definition for the entire integrated Infor M3 Enterprise System. In doing so, it manages complex, configured, and attribute-controlled products and directly supports costing, planning, and execution. Further advanced functions support such best practices as Lean Manufacturing without sacrificing regulatory control or product complexities.

  • Capture, manage, control and analyze your business operations including the ability to quickly model critical trends.Infor M3 Financial Management handles your accounting, budgeting, consolidation and reporting requirements. True multi-country, multi-company, and intra-company capabilities also allow you to manage multiple operational units even when they operate under different regulatory controls.

  • Infor M3 ERP Enterprise is a multi-lingual, multi-company, multi-site solution with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.The result? A simpler solution, lower cost of ownership, and more business value from your investment.

Get industry-specific experience built in

Infor® M3 and Infor M3 Cloud offer multi-functional capabilities—combined with highly productive new technologies to support mobility and team collaboration— developed over years of working with some of the best companies in the world. Designed for medium to large national and global manufacturers, distributors, and aftersales service providers, M3 provides industry-specific process support and functionality built on good practices, and an industry-leading user experience. Flexible deployment options and implementation accelerators yield low total cost of ownership and short time-to-value.

Manage complexity

Complexity is an inescapable part of today’s highly competitive business environment. When effectively using Infor M3 in business management, organizations can gain a powerful competitive edge. Infor M3 helps manage a network of people, technology, activities, information, and resources efficiently and economically. You’ll be able to make better decisions, boost operational excellence, and deliver exceptional levels of customer fulfillment.

  • Global financial visibility
  • Game-changing analytics
  • Agile supply chains—Infor
  • Fast, secure deployment
  • Service-centric business model

Discover the power of extensibility

Infor M3 utilizes the Infor OS technology platform, which enables M3 to address business needs beyond a traditional ERP system.

Infor M3 delivers:

  • Consumer-grade user experience
  • Web-based homepages
  • Social business
  • Mobile access
  • Integration and workflow
  • Document management
  • Business intelligence
  • Flexible deployment

Infor M3 benefits:

  • Global solution with comprehensive and rich ERP capabilities
  • Modern user experience with role-based homepages, social collaboration, and workflow
  • Industry-specific functionality to cover unique business needs
  • A multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency solution, available in 23 languages, supporting local requirements for 46 countries (42 for cloud)
  • Implementation accelerators for a low total cost of ownership and short time to value
  • Deployment in the cloud or on-premises

Infor Factory Track for M3

Mobilize warehouse operations

Your warehouse operations rely on streamlined processes to meet customer expectations for speed, accuracy, and value. Yet, you may be relying on fragmented, outdated processes that leave a gap between warehouse activities and your business information systems. This gap between the plant floor and your enterprise solution can be costly—wasting time and materials, as well as crimping productivity.

The Infor Factory Track Warehouse Mobility module is an online extension of Infor M3’s warehousing capabilities. It provides a simple mobile interface to automate transactions using barcode scanners, and can address a wide range of data collection needs within the warehouse. It offers advanced features, including:

  • Pick and Pack—Move to pack, replenish, single picking function
  • Inbounding—Receive, putaway, customer returns
  • In-house—Move, count, inquiry
  • Manufacturing—Issue materials, return, receipt, report operation
  • Inspect—Purchase Order inspection, Balance ID search

Streamline manufacturing operations

Built specifically to integrate with Infor M3, Factory Track gives you the visibility and insight you need to understand real-time inventory information, increase inventory accuracy and visibility, and deploy the right automation devices to simplify operations.

Infor Factory Track for M3 is designed on a modern technology platform that allows you to deploy a broad range of automation devices to enhance automation capabilities even more.

The Infor Factory Track Warehouse Mobility module is an online extension of Infor M3’s warehousing capabilities. It provides a simple mobile interface to automate transactions using barcode scanners, and can address a wide range of data collection needs within the warehouse. It offers advanced features, including:

  • Pick and Pack— Move to pack, replenish, single picking function
  • Inbounding— Receive, putaway, customer returns
  • In-house— Move, count, inquiry
  • Manufacturing— Issue materials, return, receipt, report operation
  • Inspect— Purchase Order inspection, Balance ID search

    Built on the Infor Mongoose development framework, Warehouse Mobility provides a modern HTML5 browser-based interface with a zero-footprint deployment that requires no software downloads to your devices. That advanced design gives you rich connections to your Infor ERP solution that are easy to implement and manage.

    With Factory Track, your plant operations can gain a competitive edge by:

  • Automating warehouse operations—You can automate and standardize inventory handling via a powerful barcoding solution and configure multiple fields in a single barcode to improve handling speed and reduce manual input. In addition, you’ll be able to improve shipping accuracy, while reducing returns, by validating that the right items are shipped to the right customers.

  • Improving track and trace—Improve visibility to handle packages and lot tracked items. Not only does this help improve regulatory compliance, it also improves tracking and traceability of inventory.

  • Accelerate the ROI of your ERP system—Factory Track Warehouse Mobility is purpose built for Infor M3. It leverages the powerful M3 Business Engine to provide a highly configurable solution that adapts to your business requirements.

Extend the value of your ERP solution

Mobilize warehouse operations

To fuel growth and stay ahead of the competition, you need to look for new ways to improve your operations. With automated processes and greater efficiency, you’ll be able to gain the strategic edge you need to stay ahead of your competition. You get all that, and more, with Infor Factory Track.

With Infor Factory Track for M3, you can:

  • Reduce on-hand inventory and carrying costs.
  • Mobilize your warehouse operations.
  • Eliminate manual processes and errors.
  • Increase productivity.

Streamline your business


With Infor ION, you get the complete solution you need to

  • Connect your core applications and third-party solutions simply, flexibly, and seamlessly.
  • Optimize your business processes and let the exceptions find you automatically.
  • Analyze relevant data you can trust to improve your business.
  • Quickly and efficiently find and fix problems.