HSM - Marine Solutions Management

A health and safety management system is a process put in place by an employer to minimize the risk of injury and illness. This is accomplished by identifying, assessing and controlling risks to workers in all workplace operations. The scope and complexity of a health and safety management system will vary according to the type of workplace and the nature of operations carried out.

LabSols offers health, safety and environment (HSE) management software supports the management of safety, industrial hygiene, and occupational health processes. Go beyond compliance with cost-effective solutions to systematically reduce risks and improve worker and process safety The solution is prepared with a complementary objective:

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  • Cost-effectively comply with complex health and safety regulations – globally
  • Drive continuous safety and EHS performance improvement across your operations
  • Proactively assess risk and prevent adverse events with operational controls
  • Capture, investigate, and learn from safety observations, near-misses, and incidents
  • Launch effective programs for occupational health, industrial hygiene, and

It is a web based application. The modules that depart from this format are as follows:

  • Audit and equipment modules – toggle between the register and calendars
  • Accident and Incidents – Recording of accidents and incidents, their investigation, and identification of corrective actions.
  • COSHH – Details of all COSHH.
  • Objective and Actions – Details of all planning and meeting actions, assigned corrective actions and their status.
  • Employee Training – Details of qualifications, employment history, appraisal dates, and technical training.
  • Risk Assessment – Recording of risk assessments, their revision and review.