Sales Revenue Management

A comprehensive revenue strategy means much more than pricing. It includes analysing consumer behaviour and the wealth of information now available to make smarter decisions, and it's critical to driving healthy revenue, making informed distribution choices, and optimizing profitability.

Exton’s Sales Revenue Management utilizes consumer-centric data sets such as web shopping rejects and denials, social review, traffic, and more, our solution delivers powerful insights on pricing and demand, which translates into increased revenue and higher profitability.

Key Features

  • Database Loading & Consolidation – This feature allows you to get consolidated data of all “staff entries”
  • Sales Analysis – It allows data filtering and summarizing of information with the help smart tools like data filter, charts, and graphs
  • Smart Filtering – Filter information by status/customer/etc. for simplicity and accurate information
  • Full Control – In order to streamline distribution of information, use controls restrict data editing permission only for manager/authentic user
  • Sales optimization – Balance demand and supply by comparing total contracted hours of work and actual hours worked per week

Key Benefits

  • 1. Accurate current, historical, and future statistical reports
  • 2. Detailed sales forecasting information at your fingertips
  • 3. Publish in any format including PDF, XLS, XHTML, HTML, etc.
  • 4. Get complete control over your cash flows
  • 5. Get access to reports and real-time information