Shemeless Integrtaion

Fresh Produce Management System is completely integrated with Sage and will sync data in real time. This powerful feature makes the system more robust.

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Connectors to CRM/PM/ERP

With FPMS mobile app users can view and approve purchase order, sales order, inventory and invoices on the go and data is synchronized in real time so that users can view the same status in web version increasing productivity higher by almost 40%

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Important Benefit of Application

The Purchase Order analysis in PAS BI content was designed to help purchasing managers and managers who are responsible for budgets keep track of purchase spending.

  • Trusted and governed data- BI systems enhance data organization and analysis. In traditional data analysis, different departments’ data is siloed and users have to access several databases to answer their reporting questions.
  • Increased competitive advantage - Organizations can be more competitive when they know the market and their performance within the market.
  • Eliminate Guesswork - BI implements a data structure to encourage data-driven decision-making and helps you know the best plan — not just guess at it
  • Sales Intelligence - One of the most important BI benefits is that it enhances awareness. BI make those fleeting opportunities noticeable and provide the details that allow companies to make the most of them.
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Necessary Benefit of Application

  • Faster analysis, intuitive dashboards- BI tools pull in data from multiple sources into a data warehouse, and then analyzes the data according to user queries, drag-and-drop reports, and dashboards.
  • Increased organizational efficiency- BI provides leaders the ability to access data and gain a holistic view of their operations, and the ability to benchmark results against the larger organization. With a holistic view of the organization, leaders can identify areas of opportunity.
  • Data-driven business decisions- Having accurate data and faster reporting capability provides for better business decisions. No longer do leaders have to wait days or weeks for reports and deal with the risk of data that may be outdated.
  • Improved customer experience- Business intelligence can directly impact customer experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Improved employee satisfaction- IT departments and analysts spend less time responding to business user requests. Departments who didn’t have access to their own data without contacting analysts or IT can now jump into data analysis with little training. BI is designed to be scalable, providing data solutions to departments who need it and for employees who crave data.