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Billing & Invoice Management

Accurate billing and invoicing is one of the most important parts in any business and Exton’s Billing & Invoice Management Module aims to simplify and automate the procedure so that you can grow your business. So, whether you want a sales forecast as an estimate to close the deal or a receipt once the payment is made, our solution is designed to cover every stage of invoicing and billing lifecycle.

Key Features

  • Project Billing – Simplify your billing process with just a few clicks. Our solutions is easy-to-use and helps factors every consideration like project specific pay rates, hours worked by staff, project managers, TOIL earned, non-project related details like annual leaves, etc.
  • Recurring Events – If you have to deal with periodic events at end of week or beginning of month etc. then our application will manage all your recurring entries automatically. This will save a lot of time and efforts.
  • Standard Templates – It is now possible to customize your details according to your requirements. Our solution is based on standard templates that not only simplifies upload in matter of seconds but and removes complexity.
  • Create Pay-Rates – Easily create rates for individual projects and also assign pay-bands for different staff.
  • Create Invoices – Easily create invoices, quotes and orders
  • Saving in Different Formats – Save or send invoices in different formats like pdf, html, etc.
  • Easy Communication – Email or fax directly from the application. Also, automatically send statements to customers with overdue payments.
  • Mobile Invoicing & Billing – Exton is compatible with all standard mobile applications (e.g., iPhone, Android)
  • Smart Reporting – Reporting includes analysis in many dimensions like presentation by “Hours”, “Pay Rates”, “Assigned Projects”, “Assigned Managers”, etc.

Key Benefits

  • 1. Save Time on Billing – Our solution will help you to reduce your billing and invoice time, freeing up 3-4 days per month.
  • 2. Get Faster Payments – We understand that time is of the essence and with our solution you can increase your average invoice and billing period.
  • 3. Grow Business – With the time saved you can easily focus more on the growing needs of your business.