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Scheduler Service Management Mobile App – “iScheduler”

The mobile application (iScheduler App) will be used to manage high-end scheduling and purpose in simple terms is to manage three key elements.

The first of these elements is the scheduling of deliveries; this allows the STARLAB to have control of when deliveries are received to ensure that work can be efficiently processed. There are some parameter settings around start time, capacity, and slot windows. Once parameters are in place the system builds a schedule which is essentially a list of expected deliveries with appointment times and expected deliverables.

The second element is the Delivery Handling This is a set of functions that are used when a delivery is received, including acceptance/refusal of a delivery, or to accept a delivery where a request has not been made.

The final element is one of reporting. The system will be required to produce various reports surrounding resource performance, such as how well they adhered to the timed appointments they had made, which were schedule to be delivered.

Dashboard – A Graphical Representation

  • Schedule Priority – Current/Periodic
  • Total Services – Current/Periodic
  • Service Request Registered – Current/Periodic
  • Total Invoices (Sales/Due) – Current/Periodic
  • Total Timesheet – Current/Periodic
  • Additional KPI can be included on demand from the customer at the time of customization.

Scheduling Slot Types

  • Fixed Scheduling Slots
  • Random Scheduling Slots
  • Unscheduled Scheduling Slots
  • Additional slots can be included on demand from the customer at the time of customization.

Task/Job Management - Schedule

  • My Jobs/Tasks – Current/Priority/ All
  • Create new Job - Schedule
  • Modify/Edit Schedule
  • Create Timesheet
  • Apply /Chance Schedule

This is a scheduling mobile app tool for your external service technicians with calendar with their forthcoming jobs

  • It will provide a clear and easy method of adding tasks to the schedule
  • It will provide auto scheduled email reminders, reports, notifications, etc prior to important meetings or deadlines.
  • It will summarize the work lists, summary reports and operational status of samples / tests can be ready for the working day.
  • Current / future schedules can be viewed to verify/check logs that schedules have been run.
  • Admin would have complete control over the schedule.
  • It can allocate resources, people and equipment depending on job and location throughout.
  • Automatically update a calendar with the forthcoming jobs.
  • It will allows tasks to be auto scheduled based on date/time/days and other parameters.
  • It will allowing you to see and review all history against the schedule.
  • It will auto schedule multiple sample thus saving personnel time.