Project Accounting

Financial dashboards highlights the “Big Picture” at a glance

Project Reporting

Project reporting software that drives fast access to relevant, timely and accurate information

Beyond Summarized Reports

Improved decision making process aided by analysis of performance according to business organization’s unique drivers

  • Integration with Sage & M-Files…
  • Project Finance Management
    • Maintaining tight control over the strategic direction of your projects
    • Support resources effectively and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget
    • With our Project Accounting’s Project Financial Management feature, users can see the total budget planning of a project in this section
    • Improve profit margins by basing new project bids on better data
    • Lower costs by streamlining project management and billing processes
    • Satisfy clients by making it easy for your team to get information and provide great service
  • Our dashboards and reporting solutions will help you to
    monitor and analyze overall project performance in real time
  • Web Portal
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Backend control
  • Document Management
  • BI Tools
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