Smart Reports

We understand that managers do not have time to spend on unimportant matters and therefore Exton’s Smart Reporting Module takes data analysis and reporting to another level. It extracts data from one or more sources and presents it to decision makers and other stakeholders in highly interactive format.

So, irrespective of the volume of information, our solution will help you to summarize and present only the important aspects. This will save a lot of time, resources and money.

Key Features

  • Highly Interactive – Reports are very interactive and can be presented in tabular formats. It includes intelligent tools like filter, sort, zoom out/in, customized templates, and many more.
  • Summarized Reports – Smart Reports captures important snapshots and delivers user-interactive summarized reports on dashboards. Some important reports that you will get are “Income Report”, “Expenditure Report”, “Staff Cost Report”, “Budget Vs Actual”, “Work in Progress Reports”, and many more.
  • Report Viewer – It allows you to distribute important periodical reports to other stakeholders through emails.
  • Compatibility – Exton’s Smart Reports are compatible with all data sources including, CSV, XML, and XLS.
  • Easy-to-Use – Our application is very easy to use and hence it does not consume unnecessary time in data formatting, organizing, reviewing, or validating. There are other features

Key Benefits

  • 1. Ready-to print, highly formatted reports with powerful images, charts, as per user’s requirements
  • 2. Reports can be published in various formats like XLS, HTML, XHTML, PDF, CSV, and so on
  • 3. Build reports from relational or non-relational database
  • 4. Metadata layer not only provides security but also simplifies underlying complexity for non-technical stakeholders
  • 5. You can use smart features like drag-drop, charts, cross-tabs, tables, graphs, and many more for simplifying voluminous data structures

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