A complete solution to your risk tracking problem

RTS is a complete web solution with a centralised SQL Server database to host the application & all its data entities under a secured environment of a server architecture.
RTS provides an impeccable solution to all insurance broking companies to manage their clients, insurers, underwriters, prospects, risks & policies under one single & secured domain.


  • Record & maintain the details of a prospect & store all history of communication with the client.
  • Record your producer location details
  • Record your client location details
  • Record your client’s Risk information
  • Assign Team, Broker, Account Handler, Policy technician, e.t.c
  • Attach Revenue to the Risk for evaluation
  • Record Inception & expiration dates of the Risks
  • Record Checklist Questionnaire for each Risk
  • Look up for existing risks based on client selection or general search criteria
  • Clone & copy risks and their subsequent layer & policies on the fly
  • Update risk information on demand

Manage Layers of each Risk

  • Record layer description & policy description
  • Record the Gross Premium, Order % & Order Premiums for a Layer that belong to a Risk
  • Bind the policies under the layers
  • Record the policy renewal dates
  • Record the Brokerages for Your Company, Producer & upto 2 Third Parties
  • Record the brokerages that are collected as a Fee
  • Keep track of your received payment against each layers for different clients
  • Record Checklist Questionnaire for each Risk Layer
  • Record Limits of Liability for each Risk Layer

Manage Policies of each Layer

  • Attach Insurer for the respective policy
  • Assign Underwriter to the policy
  • Record the participation of the Insurer in a policy
  • Record all subsequent Subjectivity notes against a policy
  • Record all the premium notes history
  • Record all Policy Tracking information
  • Record all Queries raised during the existence of the policy
  • Record the Risk Management information which is optional
  • Record all important dates regarding a policy

Claims Management

Key benefits

  • Better handling claim requests
  • Record all postbook entries
  • Better payment management
  • Better vendor management
  • Improved claim history tracking
  • Better policy vs. claim tracking

Our Modules

Analytical Dashboard

Add/Edit Main Claim

Existing Claims





Block File





Functional benefits

  • Search for existing policies to attach a claim
  • Create new claim record against a policy number
  • Tracking of each policy & their respective claim
  • Manage all postbook entry of each claim
  • Track all paid & outstanding figures for each policy claim
  • Manage all payment records for each claim
  • Manage all claim vendor firm details for each claim
  • Manage all claim invoice transactions
  • Create search combinations for claim conflicts
  • Create block file with claim data
  • Complete overview of Claim activities in the system
  • Analysis of the claims status
  • Manage account handlers with claims diary
  • Generate Rep Supplement report
  • Generate Accounts Invoice report
  • Summary of claim payments report
  • Loss ratio analysis report
  • Master data for claims management

Key benefits

UI benefits

  • Manage all postbook, figures, payments, invoices, vendors, conflicts & block file for one claim reference within a single multi-tabbed screen
  • Multiple search criteria for quick & easy claim search filter
  • Authorised delete option for Super Admin users only
  • Easy export feature in all search & report screens
  • Multi-tabbed screens for better & compact viewing of data
  • View claims against each policy
  • View postbook against each claim
  • View figures against each claim
  • View payments against each claim
  • View vendor firm details against each claim
  • View conflicts in claim data
  • View block files for claim reference

Key business areas

  • Risk management & claims management for Healthcare units
  • Policy tracking & claim management to cover risks in surgery
  • Cyber risks & claims management
  • Risk & claim management for UK Professions e.g. Lawyer, Doctor, Surgeon, e.t.c
  • Errors & Omission (E&O) risk & claim management
  • Executive risk & claim management
  • Professional Liability risk & claim management
  • Merger & Acquisition risk & claim management
  • Casualty risk & claim management
  • Life science risk & claim management



  • Submit a Quick Quote
  • Manage all quotes submitted
  • Edit quote for Tech/Cyber
  • Generate Quick Quote Rater in excel
  • Audit trail log for all quote process email notifications.



  • Submit AIO Applications
  • Review all AIO applications submitted
  • Model & Premium Analysis of AIO Applications
  • Generate Quote for the Applicant
  • Send email to Underwriter for Quote review
  • Send email to Broker for Quote review
  • Send email to Broker after Firm Order against the Quote
  • Audit trail for email notifications
  • Track status of each step for Quote approval
  • Manage all quotations

Key business benefits

  • Trace quote history
  • Track stages of a quote through email notifications
  • Manage & control the status of each quote
  • Know your premium for your quote
  • No quote submission goes unattended