Project Costing & Budgeting

It is very important for any project-based organization to stay on budget and client’s schedule. It not only improves performance of the company by comparing actual expenditures with estimated expenditure. Managers can find out which projects are getting delayed due to budget constraint and which are on track. If the problems are found out at an early stage then it minimises cost overruns.

Exton’s Project Costing & Budgeting Module helps you to stay on budget and make sure that projects are delivered to client on time with minimum overruns.

Key Features

  • 1. Detailed dashboards highlighting hours/ budget/ pay rate/ etc.
  • 2. Automatic calculation of TOIL earned from actual and contracted hours of work
  • 3. Manage multiple pay rates
  • 4. Customized reports with highly interactive interface
  • 5. Project cost management that covers full project lifecycle

Key Benefits

  • 1. Detailed budgeting defining each stage of budget development process
  • 2. Variances/comparisons in real-time basis
  • 3. Compatible with standard accounting software
  • 4. Export/Import data in any formats such as PDF, XML, or XLS
  • 5. Manage/ customize/ present budgets to simplify visibility