OMNI Mobile & Web Learning System

New Area of Business

People who want to learn and explore new area and want to gain some knowledge but they are too busy into other stuff, Through this mobile and web application, user will be able to gain new knowledge and you find them as your customers. Which will definitely add value to your business.


Having a mobile and web learning Platform adds value to your brand.

Push Notification

Push notification let your existing customer/employees know about your new offers, new services on training and coaching.

User Management

Your users are at the heart of your service, you need to take care of them. Get access of all users and organize them into groups.

Go Paperless

Relief from Manual and paper-based processes that are inefficient and error prone. Saves time.

Easy to use

Our user-interface provides a simple and intuitive experience requiring minimal training.

Powerful and Robust

Great features. Maintain tons of data. Never worry about overloading the system. It can handle it all.


Customized terminology to adapt meet your exact requirements and specific needs of current process.

Quick Implementation

Both remote and onsite deployment allows for a speedy set-up with minimal disruption.

Reason to Up-grade your training methode to online

  • To give training through online
  • Confirm the market
  • Pump up the volume
  • Get expert eyes
  • Make more money
  • Stay ever-green
  • Reach globally

Omni E-learning is the latest Web based and mobile app solution for online learning on the move. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself. You can find out more here