Purchase Order Management

Exton’s Purchase Order Management Module provides critical, centralized control over direct material, indirect material, and service tracking as well as vendor performance. Inventory and non-inventory purchased items and services can be consolidated on a single purchase order.

Our Purchase Order Management feature is specially designed for the entry and tracking of purchase orders for direct and indirect materials and services. This is supported throughout the entire purchasing process, from generation of the requisition through receiving of materials or approval of service provided including accounts payable integration.

Key Features

  • Eliminate Double-Entries – With our application you can save a lot of time and memory by removing double entries
  • Manage Bulk Orders – Store and manage every detail of project related information and process faster. Store and view all information related to goods received and suppliers in real-time basis
  • Link Tasks with Purchase Orders – With our application you can view, edit, or summarize information on the basis of individual jobs/tasks
  • Centralized Management – Provide staffs or managers with self-service access to real-time information (data edit restricted to only authentic users)
  • Smart Analysis – You can view information by order status/suppliers/requester/or by reference.

Key Benefits

  • 1. Gain complete visibility into project and staff history
  • 2. Centralize data into one application and eliminate data duplicity
  • 3. Boost productivity by reducing time spent on non-revenue activities, and deliver more agility to your business
  • 4. Complete your job costing by issuing and receipting a supplier invoice
  • 5. Store purchase orders against a specific job, to keep track of costs