Key Features

  • Easy Date Navigation
  • Option for other user to view historical time sheet
  • Option for user to see reports.
  • Absence & Holiday Management ( Approval & Request)
  • Calendar view of absence, work and TOIL
  • Accrual & Balance Calculation
  • Reminders for approval, missing timesheet, expiry
  • Analytics & Reporting

Advanced Job Estimator

One thing that any business cannot afford to waste is time and money. Our Advanced Job Estimator Module is one of the most ideal tool for project managers to compare actual job values with estimated benchmarks.


  • Save Time – Project managers can track estimates and employees in one place. With the help of our user-friendly interactive worksheet, administration of jobs become spontaneous. Performing updates, edits, etc. will be very easy.
  • Save Money – We have built-in dashboards that helps managers to have situational awareness for strictly adhering to budget. Continuous updates will minimize gap between actual values and estimated values.
  • Flexible Estimation Model – Project managers will now be able to customize respective job estimation model classified on the basis of “Period”, “Person”, “Task”, “Job”, and so on.

Time Entries

Billable should be done timely as it directly related to turnover. Our solution provides flexible billing rate controls.


  • Clarity in professional reports – If your company bills on hourly basis then our solution is best suited for your company. We have a very rich formats and standards of smart reports that uses sophisticated tools.
  • Classify non-billable & billable tasks – Simplify your project accounting process by distinguishing between non-billable and billable jobs. Bills can be specified according given entries.

Export Data

Manual data entry wastes unnecessary time and resources and therefore we have in-built “Export Data” feature that will save your scarce time and resources. You can also save data into any format you desire. Also, the exported data can be directly populated into your CRM, payroll, accounting or HR management system. This will save a lot of time and money.


  • 1. Export any amount of data into any formats (.xls, .pdf, .csv, .xml, .txt, etc.)
  • 2. Data can be easily transferred to other business software
  • 3. Automatically load or refresh data

Import Data

It does not matter whether you are using excel or any other timesheet management tracker to manager jobs because with our “import data” module you can achieve this task very easily.


  • 1. Our team of experienced professionals will take care of all your previous timesheet data and spare you from the daunting task of re-entering data into our system.
  • 2. Professional data management services by our clients will not only save you multiple hours of manual data entry work but it will help you to focus on other important tasks at hand.
  • 3. We assure you that your data is secure with us.


It is not easy to manage information if it is not related to other departments. For example, the accounts department does not work in isolation and the same follows for HR, and other departments as well. If there is no proper information exchange between these departments then it could result in loss of critical information, revenues, and reputation. But, with our solution your data can seamlessly interact with other departments like the payroll ad accounting.


  • 1. Can be integrated with Sage & M-files
  • 2. Timesheet data can be easily integrated with other accounting software
  • 3. Our Timesheet and Expense module is also compatible with other popular payroll software Management

Mobile Time Entry

Our expense management tracking is also available in Android and iPhone supported smart phones and tablets. It helps time expense and time management by tracking and simplifying uploaded receipts.


  • 1. Captures all work hours accurately for all your projects and also allows to track expenses. For instance, you can easily find out whether your employees are out at for lunch, travelling or offline.
  • 2. Our mobile application integrates seamlessly with the timesheet and expense module.
  • 3. Assists in tracking and creating “expense sheets”
  • 4. Helps to capture your time vs client’s schedule and therefore performance management.
  • 5. You can now capture and upload receipts from your iPhone or Android phone and send it database for reports and analysis

Simple Interface

We understand that the managers and employees are busy to deal with important tasks and it is therefore essential to keep a simple user-interface which will improve performance and fast. Our simple user-interface is specially designed to save your time, money and energy.


  • 1. Drop-down – You can save critical time by drop-don list and intuitive type-ahead menus that will reduce cost by minimizing data entry time.
  • 2. Customized interface – It is now possible to customize your interface according to your requirements which will save more time for other important tasks.
  • 3. Comments – We understand that an organization could be working on multiple projects simultaneously and it is not possible to keep track of every single detail manually. Our valuable tool will help you to work by inputting comments so that the next time you do not get confused.
  • 4. Monthly, weekly, or daily time entry – We provide flexibility to our customers so that you can adjust according to your requirements.

Timesheet Email Reminders

You do need to worry about sending reminders manually as late or incomplete jobs will be automatically sent “reminders”. Incomplete tasks disrupts revenues and increases project overheads. So, if your employees spent too much time recalling their tasks, hours, managers will be left with incomplete timesheets. This will delay the accounting process as well and revenues will not be realized. We understand that in today’s competitive business, it is important to take care of these factors with least resources. This is why our automatic email remainder will help you to complete your timesheets without unnecessary delays.


  • 1. Flexibility – Project managers and administrator can manually specify minimum hours for each task to be taken by employees to complete timesheet.
  • 2. Easy Review – Our intelligent and intuitive algorithm can easily review your timesheet data and make it easier for the managers to analyze lagers and send reminders to them.